Reading Nietzsche: Laughing at God

Here’s a piece in the Smart Set about “the backlash of the backlash of the backlash” of the New Atheists, and about how a better approach than the now-trite appeal to “enlightenment” might be Nietzsche’s strategy of simply attacking the source: a god who, after all, is defenseless from any philosophical standpoint imaginable.

I haven’t kept up with the New Atheists since Hitch died, but I think the perception of them has soured not because they are so barbed, but because people don’t like thinking about unpleasant things. Of course, I find the religious worldview to be the unpleasant one; I agree with Nietzsche that it stems from a hatred of life.

What drew me to Nietzsche originally was his quick dismissal of the god hypothesis, as opposed to, say, Kierkegaard, who spends an inordinate amount of page space on Christian guilt. Similarly, what drew me to Dawkins originally was his insistence that there are so many more interesting things to talk about.

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