Front-Yard Habitat

I rebuilt the small garden after it was mowed over, and have added some hot pepper seedlings and some morning glories to the fence and tree. I hope that the cinder blocks and wood and noticeable plants will deter future cuttings-down. As I mentioned last week, I also noticed that what I thought were magnolias are actually loquats, so I’m betting I will see even more squirrels and blue jays in the near future, competing with me for the tart, summery fruits. I made wine with them (the fruits, not the squirrels) in the past, and I think they could add something to a lighter kind of beer, but the next batch has already been earmarked for porter, and I’m not sure there will be enough loquats left in a month or so; I’ve already noticed claw and tooth marks on some of the riper ones.

garden 1

garden 2

loquats 1


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