Post-Vernal-Equinox Musings

Last week all the plants I had started from seed in February were cut down by the landscapers who mow around my apartment, which is something that would usually frustrate me into delirium, but I’m trying to stay positive in the year 2016, and so I replanted, built a little wall with wood and cinder blocks and stray stones, and resumed my watering and weeding schedule. I also planted various pepper seedlings, and of course some mint. Here’s to hoping that future mowers recognize it as a garden and leave it alone. I mean, carving out some space in the yard in the name of a more diverse ecosystem means less area for them to mow, so you’d think it’d be a convenience and not a nuisance.

Hopefully the wildflowers I’ve planted will attract birds and bees and butterflies. And speaking of butterflies, apparently Nabokov was something of an amateur lepidopterist: Fine Lines: Nabokov’s Scientific Art.  I have to admit that I don’t much like the Nabokov I’ve read (to say nothing of the problems with Lolita), but the paintings are cool, and it’s always nice when a human being recognizes the importance of another species.

I’ve also noticed that the trees in my yard that I first thought were magnolias are actually loquats. He-llo loquat beer, once they start dropping. I will take and post some pictures later this week.


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