Whales make noises? Who knew?

Here’s a short video (with brief description) about scientists attempting to use audio technology to help ships avoid collisions with whales. It appears a very worthwhile project—even if it can save one whale—but of course underlying both the need and purpose for the project is the assumption that shipping must go on as normal—or, put another way, that no solution can include any change to our lifestyles (i.e. to production) whatsoever. Once scientists learned that amplified sound from ships annoyed/disrupted/ultimately killed marine mammals, they set to work on how to solve the problem of technology by adding and compounding with more technology (which requires more ships, ironically), instead of asking whether we need to be shipping so much crap across the now almost-dead oceans in the first place. Or maybe they did ask such a question, and were ignored or punished by the military-corporate elite that controls both intercontinental trade and, no surprise here, scientific research funding.

You have to sue the members of this elite to get them even to admit that, say, setting off explosives in the ocean kills whales, let alone to do anything about it. Even then, as in the case of the federal suit brought against the Navy in September of last year (as per the previous link), you get something like: “It doesn’t mean the Navy has to cut the amount of training they have to do,” says Zak Smith, an attorney at the Santa Monica, California, office of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), one of the environmental groups involved in the cases and the settlement. “They just won’t do it in some biologically significant areas.” Oh, whew.

Also, in the beginning of the video it is suggested that people once thought that the oceans were mostly quiet. Can that be true? How could people realistically expect that animals in the sea would be silent? To forget (or willingly ignore) that animals communicate is but one symptom of the hubris that will thankfully die—along with our species—prematurely.

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