Bull Creek Greenbelt






My friend and I took a little stroll up Bull Creek this morning, and while we didn’t see much wildlife, we did see some great light, shadows, roots, rocks, and trickles of water. It was a huge relief that the weather was finally mild after such a long summer, but that pleasant surprise in the forecast also meant that a lot of people had the same idea we did—and it’s hard to see herons with a bunch of kids and dogs splashing around. We did, however, find a frog (previous post) on the return trip—probably the calmest frog I’ve ever seen.

This trail is one you should try, especially as the weather gets cooler. The best thing about it is that it criss-crosses the creek several times, meaning there are not only usually multiple options in terms of paths to take, but also that at times the opposite happens: the trail is funneled into only one possible route—and that route usually forces one to take off shoes, roll up pants, and get one’s feet wet. We got slightly lost somewhere in the middle, but that’s the whole fun of hiking. Here’s a good map and summary of the route.


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