Hawk Tour

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I’m not going to explain why. There’s nothing worse than a blog post about why someone hasn’t been writing blog posts. But now that the summer is coming to an end, I plan to get back into my normal schedule.

I did coincidentally just take a bus trip from Baltimore to Austin, and I still think it was better than flying, even though it took two and a half days and was riddled with tiny problems, like the wifi cutting out or the temperature being either freezing or boiling. (Not having wifi is better than having spotty wifi—especially with 40 hours of free time ahead of you.)

By the dim light of my phone, I was able to read much of a book about the history of the Baltimore Sun, which I bought (er, was bought for me by my sister) earlier on the trip in Harrisburg. If you lived in Baltimore in the second half of the 19th Century, writing for a newspaper like the Sun would probably be the best possible occupation in terms of fun, status, comradery, and community benefit—not to mention that you could probably drink most of the time. (For instance, early in the following century, H.L. Mencken would toast the end of Prohibition with a glass of water, saying it was his first in 13 years).

Another good thing to do on a long bus ride is to write gibberish. At least I thought so, anyway; instead I ended up mostly looking out the window between glances at books, trying to spot hawks (there were many). At one point I decided to scroll through pictures I had taken on my trip, only to remember that I had only taken about fifteen or so—all of them of one of my parents’ cats, named Dot. Anyway, still better than flying.