This Is What I Want Instead of a Burial

I came across this post from Orion about a nearby field where, apparently, donated cadavers are put out to decompose, in order to study how vultures and other animals eat them. As the author describes: “Another way of saying this is that if you travel for long enough on a dirt road just outside of San Marcos, and if you are able to get through the double security gates, what you will find amid the grasses and trees and occasional longhorn, is a field of human bodies in varying states of decay.”

The purposes for studying such a thing are mostly for the sake of law enforcement and forensics, but the science is just as cool without mentioning the trappings, and it’s sad to realize that it’s something of a special honor in today’s world to be able to give back to your ecosystem in death—rather than, say, poison groundwater with embalming fluid.

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