Mistaking Solutions for Problems

I saw this article about Japan’s population decline posted yesterday, of course with the premise that it’s a terrible, “crazy” thing (according to the commenters) that people would willingly opt out of the industrial procreation complex. Indeed, the title of the linked article from The Washington Post, “Japan’s sexual apathy is endangering the global economy” says it all, really.

Here we have laid bare the connection between the State, birth-rate, and GDP: “This isn’t just bad because it means the Japanese economy will have fewer workers and thus be less productive. It’s setting up an economic time bomb that will go off before long.” But rest assured: “Officials in Japan are keenly aware of how endangered they are by the country’s low birth rate. National programs encourage young men and women to get together and politicians often debate how to create more Japanese babies.” Need I go on?

It’s strange that an economic time bomb strikes fear into the hearts of many, but an ecological one is not even worth discussing (despite all the insistence to those who bring up, say, the amount of plastic in the ocean, or the fact that there are only about 3,000 tigers still living on this earth, that they should “get real” or “live in the real world”).

But no, this author is probably right, having more workers make more gadgets which can be represented by more numbers on computer screens is more important than the ecosystems on which all life depends. Back to the real world…

2 thoughts on “Mistaking Solutions for Problems

  1. So well put!. How did money become the be all, end all and goal of life? I make the comment often where appropriate that MONEY is not the most important thing in life to me. And it really gives people pause and some look at me in shocked amazement as if I have committed some sacrilege . I studied economics for a few semesters in college and learned enough to know that there MUST be limits to growth, even though Capitalism is based on no limits, because we have finite resources. It is so simple! Clearly the problem is people just don’t want to admit that we can not go on like this forever. I think it is a very selfish way of thinking (and living)!

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