Austin, Texas

Tonight, Lucinda Williams is playing at Stubb’s. What new Lucinda will come here, and develop here as an artist? Will the city in its current configuration produce another Townes van Zandt? Another Willie? Another S.R.V.? What great cultural achievement will a city of condos produce? If such achievements aren’t important, why would there be so much money to be made in a desert?


2 thoughts on “Austin, Texas

  1. It’s “urban renewal,” bub. Get on board already.

    “We’re building a ghost town … where dreams of fictional people live, while the city around you dies,” as the Double Dagger song ‘Luxury Condos for the Poor’ goes. The song is about Baltimore’s brand of ignoring/walling off poor communities and catering to the affluent, all with the use of public money and influence. Your sentiments remind me of the song. Austin’s own path to neoliberal paradise might be unique, but I imagine the result is much the same in cities from coast to coast, including my small Midwestern college town.

    FWIW, if you don’t know the song, here’s where you can listen:

    • Thanks for the link! I know the band and the song well. Five years living in Baltimore trained me well – including grooving to Animal Collective, hating the Steelers, and making sauerkraut.

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