On Dream Jobs

I think it’s hard to do what you love for a living—not because getting paid to do something enjoyable kills the fun or authenticity of the activity, nor because it’s hard to find little moments of enjoyment in almost any job someone of my background and with my education would typically get in our rigid class hierarchy, but because, at least for me anyway, what I love changes so often—and so drastically—that I can’t imagine doing anything for a very long period of time without it getting stale. I mean, I love to visit my garden, but would I want to garden day in and day out, as if my livelihood depended on it? Would I want to teach others how to garden, or travel around the state or country talking about gardens? Not for very long, no.

The goal, then, for a “dream job” would be one that has a lot of variation, or that fluctuates in intensity. Being busy all the time blows, but a sinecure would be ten times worse.

It’d be great if we didn’t have to have jobs that lasted all day; I’m sure the people below me in our caste system (er, freedom and democracy system) would agree.


3 thoughts on “On Dream Jobs

  1. I was going to leave a typical “well in Scandinavia they work like x hours a week and it works so0o0oo0oo well!” comment here

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