Turk’s Cap Tea


I decided to kick off my Fall Foraging Extravaganza with something easy: Turk’s Cap. For one, it’s everywhere—everywhere—here in Austin. And secondly, all parts of the plant except the bark (at least above ground, that I know of) are edible. This combination makes for some low-risk and low-work foraging, without even mentioning that tea is about the easiest thing one can make.

I added some fresh mint from the garden to give it some aroma and, well, minty flavor, so it’s not 100% foraged—but like I said, I’m easing in to this. Here goes:


About 3 big handfuls of Turk’s Cap flowers*

About 1 small handful of fresh spearmint

Honey, if you like it sweet

* I only used the flowers for this recipe, since I wanted to see what this “pink lemonade drink,” as the Foraging Texas site (linked above) was talking about.

Instructions: Making tea is elementary. Boil the Turk’s Cap flowers in water until they turn purple and start to appear slimy. Drain the water into a large vessel. Steep the mint in a small tea pot for about 20 minutes and add the mint-water to the same vessel. Let the combined tea cool. Serve with ice and a lemon or lime slice, as per preference. You can also add as much honey as you want, pouring it into the cooling vessel and stirring occasionally. Enjoy!

turkscap1    turkscap2A


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