Unstated Assumptions about Technology

“We may be on our way to becoming servants to the evolution of our own technologies. The power shifts very quickly from the spark of human intention to the absorption of human will by a technology that seems to have intentions of its own.

But we’ll likely find there was no robotic villain behind the curtain. Our own capitalist drive pushes these technologies to evolve. We push the technology down an evolutionary path that results in the most addictive possible outcome. Yet even as we do this, it doesn’t feel as though we have any control. It feels, instead, like a destined outcome—a fate.”

From How the Web Became our “External Brain”, from The End of Absence

1. We “may be on our way”? We’re already there. Could you, or your neighbors, or even your whole town, shut down the internet if you wanted to? Could you simply stop using the internet while leaving it in tact and still keep your standard of living?

2. “Our own capitalist drive”? Speak for yourself. My drive is to do as little capitalism as possible.

3. “We push technology…”? Who’s “we”?

4. It doesn’t feel as though “we” have any control because “we”—i.e. people not in command of mega-corporations—truly don’t.


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