“If you had asked me, in 1968, to come up with the names of American women who had been active in the struggle for legal justice for their sex in the past, the only one I am certain I could have pulled out of my head was Susan B. Anthony. I might, possibly, have thought of Eleanor Roosevelt, because I knew she had been ridiculed as the wife of the president for her interest in both the status of women and black Americans.

The forgetting of the history of marginalized groups is both a cause and effect of their marginalization. If you are marginalized, you don’t have the clout to move your story into mainstream institutions—such as public schools—that automatically pass on the stories considered foundational to a society. Indeed, one of the main rationales for the existence and public support of such institutions is that they are necessary to passing on the common heritage of a culture. But the pertinent question is: Just who defines what is ‘common’ in our heritage?”

– Susan Jacoby

2 thoughts on “Quote

  1. This quote reminds me of what’s going on in my home state. Some tough (more like draconian, insulting, bullshit, etc. etc) laws against the right to choose. The Senate stooped pretty low today: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/political-fix/missouri-senate-rejects-exemptions-from-abortion-waiting-period-for-rape/article_4e5f9d7b-5c83-5d41-92f5-e48f2169b761.html
    The St. Louis mayor will seek the state legislature’s help in scuttling a citizen ballot initiative that would curb state tax incentives for a major coal company: http://www.stltoday.com/business/local/article_ec94707c-78ad-5edc-8895-fc1f8e7b2164.html?mobile_touch=true
    And for good measure, the largest state tax cut in quite a while cemented today: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/political-fix/missouri-legislature-overrides-nixon-s-tax-cut-veto/article_b4e9cc7f-8283-5dd6-ac9d-bb7b2abb0f06.html

    While the first link is more apropos to what you posted, I can’t help but seem them all blended together in an increasingly-escalated all-out assault against not just marginalized communities but, well, most everyone not politically connected. But what’s new?

    I don’t really have anything insightful to say here. It all seems like a bad dream, though, and a lot of people have it much worse than me. Thank you for continuing to blog. It helps.

    • Yes, it does seem like a bad dream, except for the few who go to bed at night on piles of cash—and by cash I mean numbers on a computer screen that represent cash that never actually existed. But because it’s so bad (and going to get much worse, sorry to say), sometimes insight or solutions are not possible—or even desirable. Instead, it’s good to just think/share/discuss, and create communities of support, even over the internet. So thank YOU for reading and commenting! It’s nice to know other people out there are choosing to face this head on instead of becoming investment bankers or something. 🙂

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