Food Forest

Check out the plans for Austin’s new food forest.

What is a food forest, you ask? Well, every forest is a food forest, technically, but according to the article:

Though often perceived as a more feral form of a community garden, a food forest is actually highly organized, made up of tiers or families of plants with a symbiotic relationship, naturally contributing to a healthier, more productive ecosystem. These tiers, referred to as guilds, are integral to the overall health of the food forest as each component (soil, microbes, insects, birds, etc.) is essential. If done correctly, a food forest should be self-sustaining without the use of fungicides, pesticides, or herbicides.

Though the specifics are not nailed down, the idea is that people will have open access to what is grown on the site. Aided by educational signage to help people know what is available to eat and when, the concept is, more or less, “take what you will eat today.”

Sounds good to me. Once it’s up and running I’ll be sure to take photographs. Stay tuned.


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