Welcome to the Event Horizon

“I recognize that collapse of industrial civilization leads to a world 2 C warmer than baseline within a few days post-collapse. Where I live, in the southwestern interior of a large continent in the northern hemisphere, that means we’re headed for ~5 C locally shortly after collapse is complete. And that means no habitat for humans: Welcome to the dust bowl that never ends within a matter of months post-collapse,” writes Guy McPherson in a post called “Picking Cherries” at Nature Bats Last, adding, “Yet, seemingly contrary to these simple, easy-to-reach conclusions, I work toward collapse. Largely unafflicted by the arrogance of humanism, I work on behalf of non-human species.”

According to McPherson, we’ve already passed the point of no return for reversing climate change (he writes in that same post: “I’m horrified by what’s to come, which includes the near-certainty of human extinction by 2030 as we surpass 4 C above baseline”), and so we must now turn our attention towards… well, it’s not entirely clear. But the point is that the climate change “debate” is merely a distraction; the momentum of feedback loops is already too strong to halt or even ameliorate—which is why, as I’ve written before, we should stop wasting our time with global warming and instead focus on economics, i.e. fighting for education about and access to contraception, including abortion. We should also maybe put a fork in our own species and start doing what we can for others: planting milkweed for monarch butterflies, tearing up a piece of concrete for earthworms, building shelters for bats, etc. Maybe that’s the best we can do.

As I wrote earlier in the week, we can’t ignore data just because it’s unpleasant.


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