Through a Glass, Rosily

Since it’s Monday, and the holidays are upon us (i.e. people stop giving a shit, which is nice), I figured I’d pepper in a video, a quote, and a comic strip—you know, to keep things light. Enjoy.

Another interesting talk by Guy McPherson, who thinks humans will be extinct relatively soon:

Here’s James Howard Kunstler with a similarly rosy assessment of the US economy:

The story making the rounds these days is that the USA’s industrial economy is on the rise again; that the housing market has “recovered;” that (according to Meredith Whitney) the “central corridor” of the nation (Texas to Minnesota) is the second coming of Japan in the 1960s; that we have more oil than we know what to do with; that the nation has bred a super-race of intrepid entrepreneurial risk-takers like unto no other society in history; and finally that whatever else we are or are not, America is the cleanest shirt in the laundry basket of Mother Earth. This is all horseshit of course, being smoked in the New York Fed’s crack pipe.

And finally, here’s a cool comic from Code Green by Stephanie McMillan:


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