“The second fundamental tenet of the world view of modernism follows quite logically from the first: it is that to maximize all benefits, and hence our welfare and our wealth, we must maximize and venerate economic development. To question the efficacy of this fatal process, or to suggest that it might not be entirely beneficial, is to blaspheme against the holy writ of modernism. For mainstream scientists it is blasphemous to show that the modernization of agriculture in the Third World is the main cause of malnutrition and famine in those countries; or that modern medicine has failed to prevent an increase in the global incidence of just about every disease with the exception of smallpox. Nor will any believer accept that the terrible social and environmental destruction we are witnessing today has been wrought by this sacred process. Instead, it will be imputed to deficiencies or difficulties in this implementation—government interference, corruption among local officials, freak economic or climatic conditions that are unlikely to occur again, or good old human fallibility.”  – Edward Goldsmith


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