Derrick Jensen Discusses Media: “I Hate Journalists.”

I often quote Derrick Jensen directly—and even more often indirectly—on this site, so imagine my delight to find that he has produced a new podcast, in which he talks about writing, editing, censorship, and why he continues to submit work to Orion, one of my favorite magazines. The podcast is #378 in the series “Remember andĀ Imagine,” and can be found here. My favorite line after the first listen: “I hate journalists.” My second-favorite: “This is going to piss off a lot of anarchists, but they get pissed at me all the time.”

Bonus: the podcast begins with a sound-byte from my favorite computer game, and the only one I have ever played, “Civilization.” Nothing will teach you more effectively about how geography is destiny than by playing “Civilization” and realizing you don’t have access to iron. But I digress…

Derrick has also contributed to a new book, Change Everything Now, a selection of essays from the past pages of Orion. I will be buying copies of this for everyone I know this Christmas.


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