Two Links

A freethinking friend of mine has started a tumblr about cubicle hell, among other things: A Different Dogma. Bookmark it and check it when you’d rather not be at your desk.

And here’s something to think about, from the doomer site of all doomer sites, Nature Bats Last:

There seems to be a great deal of hand wringing, debating, and arguing about NTE. The chatter about our extinction is just that: chatter. All this dissection and debate about collapse and NTE is curiously dominated by white males. The rest of our species (and other species) have been in collapse and pushed towards extinction ever since Europeans set foot upon their homelands. Some (like women) may argue earlier. Now that we “white guys” are suddenly realizing our existence is in question, we want to spread the word. We clamor, “This is different, NTE includes all species!” To which the rest reply, “It’s only different for you.”

Understanding privilege is the first step towards eradicating it.


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