The Week in Review

It’s been a great week for links. Here are three related stories: one on an artist in the class war, one on how student loans are a sham, and one on how we’re all becoming machines.

I haven’t had time to read them until this morning, because this week I devoted my afternoons to walking this path that loops through the neighborhood and documenting what I found. I’ll go back out this afternoon and continue my routine, which has proven both relaxing and eye-opening. There’s a line in Life of Pi about how if you could take a city and turn it up-side down and give it a good shake, all kinds of unexpected animals would fall out onto the ground. In my case, the animals are pretty expected (bluejays, lizards, wasps, etc.) but it’s surprising how many of them there are, just in a little patch of the city. I would expect as much in some state park, but not near a busy intersection in what is essentially downtown Austin (Cherrywood isn’t downtown, but you know what I mean). But no–there are whole worlds playing out and overlapping just outside my office door, and everywhere across the city. You wouldn’t believe how many lizards live between 38th1/2 Street and Sycamore Drive.

I’m going to start posting every fifth-day’s photos intsead of every day’s, but in case you missed my forays into the hidden realm of “the path” this week, here are days one, two, three, four, and five.


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