We Are All Apocalyptic Now (and a sidetrack on mint’s many uses)

While running the risk of redundancy (but can one ever really say this enough times and at sufficient volume?), here’s Bob Jensen’s “We Are All Apocalyptic Now“. This piece is as close to prerequisite reading for this blog as is possible, considering that the goal of a blog, at least as far as I can see it, is to convey ideas with minimal time-wasting ornamentation. In other words, I aim to get to the point without requiring a whole lot of extra link-clicking. But this link is good, and Bob is a friend of mine (he helped set up my writing workshop at his community center this Spring, for instance), so rest assured it’s worthwhile.

And speaking of worthwhile things, today I’m going to make another version of a mint/lemon/strawberry tea I made last weekend for our Memorial Day cookout by the pool. This time I’m going to blend some strawberries as well as throwing a few in, and use freshly squeezed lemon juice instead of store-bought lemonade. I need to use up some mint to make space for other plants in the garden after the mid-summer scorch-fest is over, and besides, if you don’t pick it, mint eventually takes over the whole garden. I love mint so much I even pick a few strands and put them in a tiny vase on the dining room table as decoration/air freshener. Ah, mint. While I’m at it this afternoon, I’ll also make mint juleps I guess, although I hate to mix anything with Woodford. Any other minty suggestions are welcome.


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