Consider Starting a Writing Group

Everyone has heard of reading groups. But what about writing groups?

I just got back from a writing group I participate in (we meet every Saturday for three hours at the Third Coast Activist resource center at 5604 Manor), and, as usual, I’m feeling re-energized. Writing is very often a solitary act. It can make one forget that the whole point of the activity is communication, and that a major goal of that communication is (or at least should be) building solidarity, especially as resources are constricted and our circumstances become more dire.

I leave each Saturday session feeling reaffirmed that building networks of support is only going to get more important each passing day. I also love to hear varying viewpoints that make me rethink my own assumptions. The others in the group are truly inspiring, if only because they dedicate time to thinking critically about the world instead of going through the motions.

We are starting a group blog, which I’ll be sure to link to when it’s up. We’re going to cover a wide range of topics but our focus is helping people unlearn what they think they know, or deprogram themselves from a cubicle lifestyle (decolonize the mind, as per some famous quote I can’t quite remember).

If starting a blog or some kind of other writing project (workshop, zine, etc.) seems daunting to you, consider going in on something with a group of friends. Having some help is, well, helpful. Plus, your overall product will have the benefit of being drawn from a range of experiences, interests, and skills. Make something collectively that could not be done by just one person alone.


2 thoughts on “Consider Starting a Writing Group

  1. I attended my first writing group session where we just sat down for two hours writing and talking about our ideas. While it was arguably distracting, I did manage to get a chapter one done, so writing groups are very useful in that aspect.

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