Our Age of Anxiety

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hP81g5HOXwI?p=1 width=”550″ height=”443″]

I recorded some short clips of Bob Jensen’s talk on Monday night at Bookpeople, but lo and behold, someone recorded it with a real camera so I’ll just link to that instead. Enjoy.

Jensen, as usual, delivered a great talk about our anxious age. The takeaway: we will have less people living on Earth in the future. We can either take steps to manage the crash or go kicking and screaming to our own near-extinction and to that of all other forms of life sharing our planet.

I think Jensen (I call him Bob so this is weird to write like this) is correct in his assessment that some things are beyond our control; it’s just too late in the game to correct the devastation already set in motion. With that resignation, we must ask ourselves what is to be done—what can be done.


2 thoughts on “Our Age of Anxiety

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