“While the number of prescriptions that doctors in the United States today write for anxiety disorders might suggest our own moment in history is particularly anxious, we should step back and think of all recorded human history as an anxious age. Ever since we humans created what we call ‘civilization’ and started the project of living beyond the planet’s means and beyond our own capabilities, it has been inevitable that human societies would struggle with anxiety. The further we overreach—creating complex societies too big to manage, drawing down the ecological capital of Earth—the more intense the collective anxiety. Our problem is not just the many anxious individuals who had particular trouble coping, but ways of living that aren’t designed for the type of animals that we are, as we try to micro-manage a world that is too vast and complex for us to control. Our collective anxiety is not an aberration but a predictable outcome of a simple truth: ‘For ten millennia, we have been a species out of context.'”

– Bob Jensen


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