The Risks of Breathing

Here’s the future we’ve created.

A friend sent me a link earlier today, saying that maybe the redevelopment of the Los Angeles River is a sign that things are turning in a positive direction, and that one day the right to clean air and water will be fought for with the same ferocity as the right to marry someone of the same gender. I flippantly replied, “I’m not holding my breath,” but I hope my friend is right. I just don’t see a way to circumvent material limits.

But speaking of fresh air, here’s two friends’ ongoing account of moving to the woods somewhere in the middle of the country. These are my favorite few lines so far:

Nothing can ever really just go smoothly. But there is ownership of that struggle. That struggle has a life, and it pushes against us, so that in pushing back, we grow more resilient and reluctant to quit. It’s not like struggling to make ends meet, or class struggle or any kind of struggle that oppresses and forces capitulation. It is our own, we feed it, and use it as fuel to carry on.


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