Gay Marriage and the Gun Lobby

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook this week:

Pretty good point: “Those people who have been pushing for marriage equality? They were calling for change. And marching for it, demanding it, donating money to get it, running for office to achieve it, and supporting candidates who would vote for it, filing lawsuits to make it legal. In many cases, they based their entire political identity around it.”

Perhaps the only groups who can change the status quo are those whose pet issue is tied to their very being? The gun lobby isn’t just “folks who like guns,” they’re people for whom unfettered gun ownership is a basic tenet of citizenship. Same for marriage equality advocates.

Worth a thought.

This sentiment was in response to this article in Mother Jones about how the NRA was able to keep Congress from passing gun legislation.

I’d like to believe this is true, but my view is that (surprise!) it’s all about monied interests. Marriage and guns are both industries. Expanding the former is an easy concession to make, if it can even be considered one. More people will file for licenses, buy gifts, rent convention halls, buy homes, and so on. Meanwhile the prevailing notion is that an “evolved” government was oh-so-generous is doling out rights. Restricting the latter, on the other hand, is anathema. This is because some powerful company somewhere will lose money, and Congress, like every other institution, is an auxiliary of the corporate oligarchy that really runs the show.


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