On a Walk

Here’s a photo I took while on a walk to the garden a few afternoons ago. I find most landscaping to be funny, in a futile-attempt-to-replicate-nature kind of way. It’s certainly a kind of public relations problem for environmentalists and doomers alike that people really think that evenly cut, chemically treated grass in a square lawn surrounded by concrete is some kind of suitable or sustainable habitat. Sure, trees in urban areas are a good thing, and I would advocate the planting of as many of them as possible. But a tree surrounded on all sides by a fake wilderness is only really doing so much (although the bird I’m looking at directly out of my office window thinks her tree is just dandy, thankyoueverymuch). And trees are usually as contained and controlled as the evenly cut grass. On that point, I have to say that one of my least favorite of all sounds, and one that I believe future generations will be most glad to be rid of, is that of a leaf blower, the most silly object ever created. What could be more wasteful than using oil to power a metal machine to blow leaves around from one street corner to another? Here’s a blog post about why leaf blowers suck, among other things.

on a walk


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